What is Wireless Charging?

As the name suggests, wireless charging allows you to charge a device without the need for cables or wires. All you have to do is place your device on the charging pad and it will begin to charge automatically, making for a much more elegant and convenient charging experience.

How Does it Work?

There are a number of ways of achieving wireless charging, but by far the most common method in consumer electronics is induction. This uses coils to create a magnetic field which allows energy to flow from one coil (in the charging pad) to the other (in your device). This is completely safe and does not generate any kind of harmful radiation. The main standard for inductive wireless charging is Qi, which is supported by Apple, Samsung, and most other big players in the industry.

What is Qi?

Qi has established itself as the dominant standard for wireless charging technology. The advanatge of having such a widely accepted standard is that devices from different manufacturers are all compatible with the same chargers, which is great news for consumers.

Award-Winning Design

Sleek, stylish, and above all practical, the AUKEY Graphite Wireless Charger was named Best Charging Product at the 2018 iF Design Awards.

Intuitive to Use

Simply place a Qi enabled device on the flat surface to begin charging. A small LED light turns green to let you know when charging is taking place. The pad itself is powered through an easily accessible USB-C port.

Range of Wireless Chargers


Graphite Wireless Charger


Graphite Q 10W Wireless Fast Charger


Graphite Lite Q 10W Wireless Fast Charger


Wireless Charging Stand

Works With All Qi-enabled Devices

Qi wireless charging is now supported by the majority of smartphone manufacturers, including Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Sony, Google, LG, HTC, Xiaomi, and many more.

Some devices support faster charging than others when using AUKEY wireless chargers. For example, an iPhone X can be charged at up to 7.5W, while a Samsung Galaxy Note8 can be charged at 10W.

It's also worth pointing out that wireless charging isn't limited to smartphones. For example, AUKEY's latest headphones, the Key Series T10, can be charged wirelessly at up to 5W.

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